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In order to use Link Generator, go to Affiliate tools tab.

Copy preferred link from our website, match link for example and paste it into the "Paste egb link" field.

Choose your campaign from the list and click generate.

Affiliate link will appear in the lower field that will be tied to the campaign you have selected.

Now the link can be placed on your website. Best of luck!

 To cashout your funds go to the Menu->Cashier. Then click on the "Cashout" button. 

Choose amount of money in the upper field. Then write your login from the egb.com.

And click on the"request" button. 

Your funds will be credited to your account on egb.com within 72 hours. 

The minimum cashout is 50$.

Good luck!



To find detailed statistics go to the Menu->Stats

Here you can see 2 graphs. First one shows amount of user clicks and registrations.

Second one shows your "MGR" and "Profit".

"Monthly gross revenue" (or "MGR") means the amount of our revenue, received or retained by us, attributable to your real money players, in a particular month and a particular category; this amount is used as the figure to calculate the revenue share fees payable under the revenue share plan.

"Profit" means the revenue share payable. It shall be calculated as follows:

(Z - Y - B) x A x C


Z = MGR (calculated based on the points earned by players; number of points / 10)

Y= i) any taxes or duties, (ii) any third-party software licensing costs, (iii) any marketing costs, (iv) any administration costs, and (v) any other transaction costs, including bank charges and chargebacks, for the reporting month

A = revenue share percentage for the reporting month

B = all bonus costs for the reporting month

C = affiliate's percentage

Affiliate percentage has 3 stages for our partners:

  1. under $5000 of revenue - 30% MGR
  2. from $5000 to $10000 of revenue - 45% MGR
  3. from $10000 of revenue - 60% MGR